Trauma Informed Training

Becoming trauma informed, can empower and inform professionals in how they help troubled children, teenagers and vulnerable adults and importantly how to support and nurture themselves in the process.

Early intervention is the key to enabling young people reach their full potential and develop independence, social mobility and achieve academic success in a safe and protective environment (school, community voluntary organisational setting).

A whole school / community / voluntary organisation approach requires senior leads to have the knowledge, skills and understanding to optimise the well-being of both pupils and adults in their environment and drive forward with compassion and enthusiasm, the crucial cultural change that is required for the well-being of all.

This training will provide senior leads, teachers, support staff & community workers- an opportunity to be trained and informed in neuroscience, psychology of trauma and the common mental health problems that our young people and vulnerable adults have to deal with when faced with overwhelming stressful situations. Such stress is often caused by a number of factors including, adverse childhood experiences, low self-esteem and confidence, fear of failure, peer group pressure, isolation and loneliness to mention a few.

The training on offer is for Schools, community groups and other voluntary sector organisations who are working with children, teenagers and vulnerable adults.

Training Options

  • One full day Introduction to trauma informed practice for a whole school or community voluntary organisation.
  • Ten three-hour workshops for senior leads in school or other voluntary community settings.