Soul Paintings

Jean Beolan Gascoigne was born in Stoke-On-Trent in 1960. She graduated from Staffordshire University with a Fine Art Degree in 1997. She now lives and works in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland where she combines her professional Art and Art Therapy Works at her studio/gallery. Her paintings are part of many private and corporate collections throughout Ireland, England and further afield in America.

Jean brings her own rich interpretation of her inner and outer worlds to create her imagery which she calls “Soul Paintings”. Her paintings are inspired by her personal journey through the cycles of birth, life and death. She draws from the inner and outer landscapes and her paintings are distinctive by their rich use of colour and flowing images which hold a calming energy. A number of paintings currently available for sale such as The Guardians, Gathering of Stones, Adam and Eve and others are all inspired by the ancient standing stones found in Britain and Ireland.

Private and Corporate Collections

  • Price Waterhouse Cooper

  • Waterfront Plaza – N. Ireland

  • Inscape (Abbey National) – N. Ireland

  • Art for Government & Public Buildings – N. Ireland

  • Quay Gate – New Apartment Complex – N. Ireland

  • Lagan Holdings – N. Ireland

  • Lansdowne Hotel – N. Ireland

  • Ardmore Language School Head Quarters – London

  • Clouddancing Inn – Asheville, NC

  • Arrow Heart Inn – Bangor, Pennsylvania

  • Botanic Inns Head Office – N.Ireland

  • Madison’s Hotel – Belfast


“Ascension” was inspired whist away on a thirty day silent retreat at the birth place of St Ignatius of Loyola Spain. Ascension captures something of the movement and flow I experienced during what was a time of spiritual renewal.

Whisper Her Beauty

‘Whisper Her Beauty” is to whisper beaut in oneself, there deep within the caverns of ones being will emerge the ‘muse’, that gives birth to creation within.

Soul Journey

“Soul Journey” is inspired in the witnessing of stories unfolding in my studio of lives I’m invited to enter. Entering the painting is to enter within your own soulful journey of moments of Birth, Life and Eros.

Soul Search

“Soul Search” along the Antrim Coast at Cushandall are some caves, a place I have sat many times both alone and with others. It’s places like these that one can truly be in place of soul search.

The Great Mother

“The Great Mother”reflects the landscape of Glastonbury and appears in the form of a giant woman lying on her back on the flat Summerland meadows. To enter the landscape and journey towards the summit of the Tor depicted in the bottom right corner.


“Slemish” an extinct volcano in Country Antrim that stands out drawing the eye from miles away. It’s a gathering and focal point for many pilgrims. The painting reflects like the volcano what lies deep beneath and has been exposed in all its colours and shades what lies beneath its core.


“Guardians” are two protecting stones at the opening of West Kennet Long Barrow near to Avebury in Wiltshire. It is one of the longest and best preserved chambered Tombs in Britain.

Divine Crosses The Human

“Divine Crosses the Human” was inspired whilst away on a thirthy day retreat at the birth place of St Ignatius of Loyola in Spain. The Devine Crosses the Human was mostly inspired from praying in front of ‘Christ Pantocrator’ in the Icon Chapel at Loyola.

Adam And Eve

“Adam and Eve” stand at the ancient stone circle of Avebury dated back to 1,000 of years B.C and once a centre of religious and ancient ceremonies. In the distance is Silbury Hill an ancient pre Christian man made mound.