Art As Therapy Training

Art as therapy may be offered alongside talking based therapy. When words fail to reach down into the heart of the experience the client is wrestling with, the use of a tactile exploration through the use of art making offers a symbolic and non-verbal expression.

Using art materials such as paint, clay, collage and pastels/crayons etc. can be a vehicle to express what sometimes cannot be expressed through talking. This unique process offers an opportunity for the unconscious mind to become visible through the image created. This form of exploration offers an ongoing dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the client’s inner world, which activates the potential for healing and the ongoing development of one’s sense of self, identity, and purpose.

This ten-day training will provide you with another insight into how you can help your client’s move beyond feeling stuck and frustrated within the confinements of talking therapy alone.

Art As Therapy training is for professionals who work either on a one to one basis or small group work within the field of counselling, psychotherapy and social work.